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What The Best Mental Health Service Can Offer

What The Best Mental Health Service Can Offer

With Covid-19 resulting in massive social distancing in our personal and work life, the need for a mental health service is becoming more and more pressing. Many companies are answering the call to improve the mental health resilience of its employees and are initiating the process to be in a relationship with mental healthcare provider. With many options available, what should one look out for in a Mental Health Service? A technical solution should be the major considering factor in the current climate due to its ease of access and time flexibility. As a company is made up of complex individuals, a mental health service that can provide multiple solutions and avenues will be effective in improving the mental health of the work environment.


Webinars, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is a live online conference that allows for interaction between the participants. Webinars allow for mental health experts to interact with many employees in a short amount of time. This online interaction allows for employees who are more shy to have their queries answered as they would not have to face the social pressure of a live conference. A good webinar is one that is primed and tailored for your company needs. For example, if your business is related to hospitality, it would not be helpful to have a webinar on 'Working from Home: Stress Management'.

Virtual Counseling

While many people's familiarity with counseling lies in the media conception of a therapist in an armchair, virtual counseling is becoming a popular medium for therapy. With the busy and erratic schedules that one may have, the function to book a counseling session at any moment that is suited to your schedule is extremely necessary. While Webinars provide a quick and large reaching source of education for a company, virtual counseling provides constant and personal guidance to employees. Mental resilience can be likened to training one's physical body and is a process that requires regular attention. Counseling is more than just for crisis prevention and is also becoming a necessary process for emotional growth.

Resource Provision

While webinars and virtual counseling are effective guides for the growth of one's mental health, they function through the presence of a mental health expert. To supplement the down time between guided sessions, an effective mental health service is one that provides resources and guides for self-growth. These resources can include info-graphics on stress management techniques or even op-eds of other people's experiences with mental health issues. Audio resources that provide meditation and mindfulness exercises can also provide immediate relief to employees experiencing a minute crisis. Availability and access to these resources allow for individuals to pace their own learning and to set personal targets and goals to their mental health education.

As such, a combination of these three solutions in conversation with one another is a huge marker of an effective mental health service. The aim of these solutions is to meet as many needs as possible as everyone's learning style is different and some practices may be more effective than others. With mental health becoming more of a pressing issue for companies, an effective leader of the workplace answer the call to provide the best possible mental health service for their employees.

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