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Making Mental Health Your Priority This New Year

Making Mental Health Your Priority This New Year

With the New Year comes new resolutions and a decision to make better lifestyle choices. While others might be considering new habits to maintaining physical health, why not begin 2022 with a new mental health journey? 

Mental health is as important as physical health and making it a priority would be extremely beneficial. To make mental health your priority is to always take a step back during major decisions and recognize where you are in the situation and what your mental state is. Understand for yourself what safety means to you and how you can make your environment less hazardous. 

Establishing Boundaries

New terms to bring into your life this new year is 'establishing boundaries'. Boundaries allow us to stand up for ourselves without aggression and allow others to understand your dislikes. Boundaries can range from trigger warnings to simple things like expressing your unhappiness with negative comments about your body or fashion. 

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Choosing your battles wisely is to recognize your energy levels and whether certain thoughts are worth engaging. Remember, you can withdraw from any negative thoughts or remarks! When mental health is your priority, always reflect on where your mental state is and measure whether it’s worth risking its health to engage with negative thoughts or self deprecating ideas.

Sometimes you might face an extremely difficult person or figure of authority. Recognize that there are certain situations or relationships that might require too much energy to tackle and its better to sit out for the moment and focus on self care!

Make Time for Self Care

Just because there are pockets of free time that you can fill in with more work, does not mean you have to! Like setting time aside for friends and work appointments, you should also set a block period of time for your own self care. Self care can be something mentally rejuvenating like practicing mindfulness or meditation. It can even be as simple as watching your favorite TV shows or engaging with your hobbies. Find out what works for you and make sure you are setting time aside for that!

Of course, while self care can bring us a long way, we might need help from external sources such as our friends and family! Sometimes, its also best to approach a professional or mental health expert if anxiety persists. Consider signing up with Infinit Care to begin your mental health journey!

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