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What To Expect In A Counseling or Coaching Session

What To Expect In A Counseling or Coaching Session

When you visit your doctor for a physical ailment, you know what’s going to happen: The doctor will do a check-up and prescribe medication when necessary. But when you make an appointment to see a counselor or a coach, do you know what’s going to happen? Many people will say they are not sure or they do not know at all. Will it be like talking to a friend? Why will I see a counselor/coach anyway? 

Here’s what you can expect in an initial counseling/coaching session: 

Getting to know you. At the beginning of a session, your counselor/coach will invite you to present your concerns which may include your personal history and background. Your counselor/coach will listen to you and ask you questions to better understand your problem. 

Identifying and setting goals. You and your counselor/coach will work together in order to identify and define the problem. Then, you will formulate counseling/coaching goals. 

Counseling intervention. Your counselor/coach will help and guide you in exploring your perceptions, behaviors, and yourself. 

Action plan. Towards the end of your counseling/coaching, your counselor/coach will explain to you the next steps to take. This may include a follow up session. 

Counseling or coaching is a valuable tool to assess your emotions and keep your stress levels in check. This can help you improve your life, career, and even relationships. Keep an open mind and reach out to Infinit Care’s team if you have any questions.

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